The Process

PURA AGRO’s production line consists of 2 separate sections.


Here, various seeds and nuts are pressed by screw presses in order to extract the oil from the seeds or nuts.
The advanced technology of screw presses allows us to avoid chemical treatment or application of excess heat during the oil production process.

The extracted oil is accumulated in stainless steel tanks where the residue within the oil is settled. The oil may be filtered by mechanical methods upon request of the client.

Alongside the seed oil, seed flour is produced simultaneously as a by-product.
Screw presses have an annual capacity of producing 30.000kg of grape seed oil (or oil from similar hard fruit seeds) or 240.000 kg sunflower seed (or similar soft seeds) oil.


This section is designed to produce about 200.000 kg of grape seed from fresh grape pomace during the annual harvest season.
Pura Agro has developed an innovative process line for grape seed production which takes place in several steps:

> Receiving fresh grape pomace from the local wineries at Pura Agro facility
> Separating grape seeds from grape skin
> Drying grape seeds to desired humidity level
> Eliminating impurities from dried grape seeds
> Packaging the dried, clean seeds in vacuum bags

It takes less than 24 hours from the moment fresh grape pomace enters our facility until the moment seeds are safely packed in vacuum bags. The production takes place in a controlled environment which allows production of food-grade seeds. Neither separation nor drying process does not include any chemical treatment or excess heat preserving valuable nutrients within the seeds.


The advanced technology employed at our facility allows us to avoid any chemical substances, solvents or application of excess heat during the production process.


In consideration of a sustainable environment, we have established a zero-emission facility. We do not produce any pollution or waste.


Pura Agro’s integrated product tracking system ensures traceability of the products.

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