About Us

PURA AGRO is a Romanian company which manufactures 100% natural, premium quality cold pressed oils and various seed flours from the seeds of select local plants.

High Quality

The advanced technology employed at our facility allows us to avoid any chemical treatment or application of excess heat during production process. Furthermore, it assures a high quality which exceeds the industry standards.

Reduced Lead Times

We can offer reduced lead times thanks to our location especially for the European market. We also promise a hassle-free procurement experience to our customers eliminating the time lost for the customs formalities and transportation hurdles.

Consistency and Traceability

The automated manufacturing process together with our well-established supply chain ensure consistency of the product quality. Besides that, with the help of our integrated product tracking system, we ensure traceability of the products as well.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is a priority. We are committed to mainly preoccupied with people’s health and happiness. Thus, we shape our products and business practices in order to satisfy our customers’ demands and needs so they can enjoy a balanced, healthy and beautiful life.


We value our customers and business partners; therefore, we work meticulously to select the raw materials, pay great attention to the suitable processes they go through, keep detailed records of each step taken to make sure that the product is delivered at its best condition. We use only 100% natural products, without adding any chemicals, additives or preservatives.


We are on a never-ending quest to improve the means of production. We do research, work on new methods, revise our technology and come up with creative solutions to provide our customers with better products or alternative solutions for their needs.

Ethical Business Practices

Together with our suppliers, employees, business partners and customers, we are part of a single circle. We care about, rely on and help each other in order to create a sustainable business in the present and for the future generations. In this regard, we have successfully integrated modern technology and circular economy into our practices in collaboration with local and European partners.

Sustainable Environment

In consideration of a sustainable environment we have developed a zero-emission production facility. Having integrated eco-friendly processes, we do not produce any pollution or waste, fulfilling our responsibility for people and nature alike.

We care about people`s health and well-being. This has been the core motivation that we have placed in the heart of our business since the beginning.   Our products reflect our commitment to provide a balancedhealthy and beautiful life to our customers.

We use only 100% natural raw materials. Nature gives us everything we need. We do not add chemicals or preservatives, which would lower the quality and purity of the final products. The seed oil is obtained by cold pressing, precisely to keep the highest amount of nutrients and preserve minerals present in the actual seed.

Our sustainable practices are based on “zero waste” principle which means that we make use of all the by-products generated during the production.

We constantly invest in research and development, in order to improve the quality standards of our products even further. We have successfully integrated modern technology and sustainable economy into our practices.

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